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Dallas Area Service Conference Resources

This section has been set up to help the Dallas Area’s GSRs and trusted servants find information and documents for the Dallas Area Service Conference held monthly.If you can’t find what you need here please call or email the webmaster.

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The Dallas Area GSR Orientation Package

The GSRs provide constant, active influence over the discussions being
carried on within the service structure. If we are vigilant in choosing stable, qualified leaders at this level of service, the remainder of the structure will almost certainly be sound.

‘We encourage our trusted servants to remain open to new ideas, to become knowledgeable about all aspects of service in NA, and to continue to seek personal recovery. All of these attributes are essential to their ability to serve us well.” Tradition Two, It Works: How and Why

Alphabet Soup – Making Sense of All Those Acronyms

A look into the GSR’s roles  and responsibilities

The Critical Links
A presentation regarding the GSR, RCM and RD Teams

GSR Area Service Conference Forms (print these forms and bring them to DASC)

NA – The Group Booklet

“Newer members may find this booklet helps them understand who does what to keep the group going and how to help. For more experienced members, it may lend some perspective to their group involvement.”                                                                        

NA – The Guide to Local Service
“A brief description of the service units of Narcotics Anonymous”

NA – The PR Handbook
“The better and broader our public relations, the better we will be able to serve.”
Tradition Eleven, It Works: How and Why